One day two brothers had just finished moving into their new office space, high atop the tallest building in Rocky River, Ohio -- a western suburb of Cleveland. A friend stopped by to say "hi" and told them about the history of the office. It had originally been built out for Nothing Records, Inc., the iconic 90's record label started by Nine Inch Nail frontman Trent Reznor and his former partner John Malm, Jr.

After a rather public and nasty breakup between Reznor and Malm, Reznor declared publicly that he wanted to have nothing further to do with the business but continued to file the annual reports with Ohio Secretary of State through 2014. After being put on notice that failure to file would result in the loss of the corporate name, it was allowed to lapse.

Not wanting to see such an iconic label quietly drift into history, the company was re-formed and headquartered in its original offices in Rocky River. The original mission of Nothing Records, Inc. was to find and develop local talent in North East Ohio in the 1990's (as evidence by one of the company's biggest signings, Marilyn Manson from Canton, OH).  

But today, the Cleveland area is the most vibrant it's been in a century and the need to help and foster local talent is greater than ever. This is the Rock City after all!

That's why Nothing Records, Inc. was reconstituted. Our goal is to help find, support, develop and foster the best regional talent possible. We truly believe in making something out of nothing.

Note:  Trent Reznor, John Malm, Jr., Marilyn Manson, or Nine Inch Nails have nothing to do with Nothing Records, Inc. anymore, except that the current owners of Nothing Records, Inc. love their music and honor their history.